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Pay Per Click Management

A PPC (pay per click) advertising campaign is an important source of traffic:

PPC listings are quick to setup and provide high visibility, ensuring quick, controlled and result oriented exposure to the target audience

It enables you to show your brand and product offering as an option to people who are searching for products and services offered by you

A PPC campaign is completely transparent and its returns are clearly demonstrable to you.

Minimumdata Software Solutions strongly recommends a result driven approach, where a PPC campaign is designed ground up with client objectives in mind. Minimumdata Software Solutions tries to establish clearly defined metrics which are aligned towards your business objectives as campaign goals. The team here has experience using the most advanced campaign management tools to deliver client objectives while staying within the budget. We have managed keyword campaigns on search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask) and also on facebook, Yahoo trusted feeds and all major price comparison and shopping websites in UK , US and India.

Minimumdata Software Solutions bespoke campaign management services include:

  • Keyword and ad copy generation
    Minimumdata Software Solutions uses a slew of tools and manual expertise to ensure the most comprehensive keyword coverage for your product range. The task involves ensuring that an ad appears for all the terms which a potential customer might use. It also involves reviewing competitor activity and ensuring that the campaigns get the best possible exposure at the lowest possible cost. Writing ad copy accompanies keyword generation. It is advisable to has a bespoke reaction (the appearance of an ad) based on customer action (searching for a keyword) for all possible keyword searches.
  • Campaign setup
    A new campaign involves grouping the keywords, deciding upon landing pages and also setting initial spend limits to get it started. Client report formats are also set up at the same time. Campaign tracking is set up and tested at this time to ensure that campaign performance data is collected accurately.
  • Tracking and reporting
    Post launch, the campaign is tracked every few hours. Reports charting spend, visits and conversion are prepared daily to help optimize the campaign. Such reports show you how the campaign is delivering against your business objectives.
  • Bid rank optimization and spend allocation
    Campaign optimization decisions are taken at a keyword and campaign level keeping keyword performance and campaign objectives in mind. The reporting ensures that you have full visibility into the changes which are implemented and their results.
  • Landing page optimization
    The purchased traffic is sent to various pages on the website & the homepage, product search and product information pages are a few examples. Each page is compared with each other on performance parameters. Based on this analysis, changes are suggested to these pages, which help in improving campaign performance. Again, the reporting will ensure that the effect of such changes is clearly visible.
  • Predictive analytics
    Using statistical tools, forecasts can be generated for different spend levels. This is done when the campaign is over 6 months old, as a lot of data is needed to run predictive models. These inputs are useful for budget planning as well as generating scenarios for different marketing strategies.

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