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Ecommerce Web Design

If yours is an ecommerce website then its design is important not just for aesthetic reasons but for the confidence it inspires in your customers. Any business that has an ecommerce site will agree that their website design should be handled only by experienced professionals. Minimumdata Software Solutions understands that ecommerce website design is not just about graphic designs that the site can use but also about functionality and the manner in which the design can hold the site together.

We offer ecommerce web design that makes it easy for visitors to access the information and products that they are looking for. Thus, the design we develop for your website takes into account how your website should be linked to ensure smooth navigation. We pay careful attention to the shopping cart and products section as we do to the design for the payment gateway.

Some of the features in our e-com website design services include:

  • Customizable product catalog pages
  • Online registration
  • Online order processing and authorization
  • Shipping charges calculation online (integrated with FEDEX components or other providers)
  • Credit card processing, verification and charging
  • In-built admin module
  • Order reports

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